What is “SMAC d’agglomération bordelaise” ?


SMAC d’agglomération bordelaise was born in 2012. It gathers 4 cultural centres approved by the French Ministry of Culture, located in Bordeaux urban area. SMAC (“Scène de Musiques Actuelles”) stands for “music scene”. There is actually no synonym for “musiques actuelles” in English – it’s a word the French government uses to talk about pop, jazz, rock, hip-hop, world, electronic music and so on…
Bordeaux hosts the largest number of nationally certified music venues in France, confirming the very specific effervescence of Bordeaux’s music scene since the 80’s, which has never stopped ever since.

The 4 organizations (Krakatoa in Mérignac, Rocher de Palmer in Cenon, Rock et Chanson in Talence and Rock School Barbey in Bordeaux) manage venues (7 stages, the capacity of which ranges from 180 to 1200 persons), organize concerts, support emerging artists (practice, rehearsal, residences, stage opportunities, counsel, support for artistic production and mobility…) and local organizations, implement varied cultural actions with their neighbourhood, schools, libraries, local organizations, health care, prisons… Two of them (Rock et Chanson and Rock School Barbey) also manage music schools, which gather about 800 pupils from the age of 4. Their approach refers to Popular Education principles. The 4 organizations also develop international cooperations, willing to share experiences and projects with friend organizations all over the world.

Convinced that cooperation is the best way to innovate and work for general interest, the 4 venues work together in many fields: they organize shows and events together, articulate their capacities to support artistic projects, share employees and resources and work together to contribute to a better recognition of cultural rights and cultural diversity.

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